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Established in 1984, Mager Cylinder Heads is a US based company making and selling rebuilt aluminium cylinders heads. We have our own automotive machine workshop so we can produce high quality re-manufactured Cylinder Heads for any kind of engine you are rebuilding. We also sell cylinder heads produced by other manufacturers.


We offer expert advice on what cylinder head you will need. We then re-manufacture your cylinder head to the exact specifications for your engine.


We conduct pressure testing on all our items which is essential to revealing any damage to the basic casting prior to proceeding with manufacturing. Straightening, stress reducing, and camshaft bearing bore aligning are a some of our specialities. We also provide services such as, cast iron crack repair and aluminium head welding.


We are highly committed to giving our customers the best quality service at very competitive prices. So if you are looking for an expert to rebuild your cylinder heads then please contact us!



If you are new to this and are interested to know more about how cylinder heads are made and How Cylinder Heads Work then check out this YouTube video.